Is my website secure?

We provide a free SSL certificate with every PHP hosting plan.  This keeps your client data and services safe for connections between our servers and your customer's web browser.

SSH access to our servers and database is strictly tied down to a limited set of IP addresses with authentication certificates. We do not provide client access to SSH.

We patch our servers daily for fixes to any vulnerabilities to our operating security.

We run a mod_security firewall that attempts to detect the most common threats to customers websites from hackers. 

Customer websites are securily separated, so one hacked website cannot destroy other hacked websites.

We do not manage customers individual wordpress installations, and customers should install security plugins to deal with threats unique to their wordpress configuration. We expect our customers to have automatic updates enabled, and to regularly login to wordpress to update any plugins and themes. 

If you experience any unrecoverably issue with your wordpress website, then you/we can restore your website to any date in the last 14 days for free, via our control panel. We can restore to selected longer periods of time for a fee.

We monitor our web servers using multiple third party monitoring tools, to ensure we deal with any odd issues quickly.

Should your developer require a specific php module to be enabled, this can be requested via ordinary support, with a $30 fee applying. We reserve the right to decline to install any php module that we consider is a security risk.

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